What an amazing time I have had serving this great community.  Now its Lindsey's turn to create her story....... Be well and enjoy each other.. I'll see ya when I see ya......


Our Story

The SueBob's Diner started as a dream of mine many years ago.  We wanted to create a place where friends and family can come together, enjoy each other's company over a good meal in comfortable atmosphere.  We do our best to treat everyone as family. Since opening in October 2015, I have been asked who we are, where we are from and how do we like the area. So to answer those questions......

My husband and I are from central PA. We grew up in Juniata County. We've been together since we were 17. I served in the USMC, Mike went to Penn State University and got his degree in Mechanical Engineering. Our plan was to live in the south and retire there. We worked our plan and finally moved to TN in 2012. We bought a chicken farm and have enjoyed every moment.  This valley is so beautiful and the people are so kind. We enjoy being a part of this community.

So to answer the question of who is Sue and who is Bob.  They are my parents, I put their names together. It is a personal motivation for me to keep working hard and to never give up - no matter how tough it gets.

​​​​We have enjoyed meeting and visiting with so many of you who live near and far. Hearing the stories of how you found us has been very interesting. 

We hope you have enjoyed us as much as we have enjoyed you!


I promise to do my best in having all  your favorites fresh made daily.

We will be serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as well as special desserts available every day as long as they last!
So come on home to SueBob's and be sure to come hungry!

We are so happy that you have visited with us. Be well and best wishes.

See you soon!

Patty and Mike Henry